What’s the right dose of THC for me?


At Artet, we believe that THC has the potential to enhance experiences big and small. The perfect dose can whet appetites, make a meal shine, and inspire good conversation. Responsible consumption leads us to discover intriguing flavors, new sounds, and fresh perspectives, without giving us miserable mornings ruined by hangovers.

That’s why we spent years crafting the original infused aperitif.

If you’re looking for the THC sweet spot, keep in mind that every human has an endocannabinoid system (ECS) and that each system is unique. You may have a different number of cannabinoid receptors than your dinner date, for example. Perhaps a low dose does the trick for you, but not for your friend. Because we all respond differently to THC, it’s up to each of us to determine just how much is right.

There are all sorts of cannabis products on the market: flowers, vapes, concentrates, tinctures, and edibles. How you consume cannabis has a lot to do with how quickly you feel its effects and how long your high lasts. Artet is an edible. If you’re trying it for the first time, don’t worry. We’re going to teach you how to find the perfect pour.

Artet is not your average edible

Experienced cannabis lovers often warn beginners to be careful when ingesting cannabis products. It’s true that some edibles can take up to two hours to kick in. It’s also true that the effects can last longer than anticipated. However, our aperitif was painstakingly crafted to take the guesswork out of enjoying your high.

First off, you’ll feel the effects of Artet within 15-20 minutes. Our beverages won’t sneak up on you or unpleasantly surprise you. You’ll be able to assess your experience shortly after you’ve sipped, and adjust your intake accordingly.

Secondly, Artet was born to be a sessionable beverage. It’s gently infused, and we’ve made tracking your consumption incredibly easy. Every 50ml pour of our aperitif delivers an even 2.5mg of THC.

According to Weedmaps, 2-5mg of THC is a microdose or a low dose, depending on your tolerance. At 2.5mg of THC, one 50ml pour of Artet is a safe place to start.

Simply put, Artet doesn’t come with the pitfalls that lesser edibles are notorious for. When it’s measured out and sipped responsibly, it offers drinkers a great deal of control and the ability to tailor their high to the occasion.

How do I drink Artet?

  • Sip a single on the rocks to establish a baseline. That’s 50ml of Artet (containing 2.5mg of THC) over ice.
  • After 15-20 minutes, check in with yourself. How does one pour make you feel? If you’d like more, keep in mind that your baseline will multiply proportionately.
  • Take your time between drinks. Once you’re feeling good, take note of how many milligrams you’ve consumed for future reference. Let that number guide you the next time you drink Artet.
  • Once you’ve found your comfort zone, try out some of our favorite infused cocktail recipes. Rather sip than stir? You can always grab canned cocktails like the Mango Ginger Spritz or the Chamomile Lemon Spritz. Get creative, cook something special, put on a record… stop and sip the flowers.

We’re certain you’ll enjoy Artet, but ask that you do so responsibly. Do not drive or operate heavy machinery while under the influence. Don’t mix Artet with alcohol. Keep your spirits high, and respect your limits.