What is live resin?


The cannabis world is changing, and changing quickly. As decriminalization and legalization pick up speed in the United States, so too does innovation. What does that mean for cannabis lovers? They’ve got more options than ever before.

At Artet, we’re fascinated by live resin. It’s one of the most exciting innovations out there. There’s a lot to love, but what intrigues us most of all is that live resin preserves the character and high we associate with specific strains of cannabis.

A special kind of concentrate

Live resin is a concentrate or extract. It’s a semi-waxy, pliable substance, and it’s potent. But unlike other concentrates, live resin contains a whole lot of terpenes. What difference do these terpenes make?

Well, terpenes  are the compounds that make different strains of cannabis unique. They’re responsible for the notes of fruit, earth, pine, pepper, and rosemary you might find in your favorite strains, as well as the specific characteristics of the experience that strain provides.

By extracting terpenes alongside THC, one can bring the complexity, effects and flavor of the flower to the product that’s being infused. Simply put, live resin brings the character of the cannabis right along with it.

How is live resin made?

Most cannabis plants are hung, dried, and trimmed after they’re harvested. During this curing process, moisture leaves the plant and the terpenes are exposed. Over time, they break down.

Consequently, by the time extraction occurs, the personality of the flower has faded. The end result is a concentrate that doesn’t offer up a complex high— something that’s void of the piney, fruity, earthy, peppery, or herbal notes that made the strain special to begin with.

When growers and producers make live resin, they skip the curing process and freeze the plant immediately after it’s harvested. “Fresh freezing” keeps these terpenes “live.”

This way, when extraction occurs, all those charismatic compounds are preserved by the freeze and come along for the ride. The complexity of the high, plus the aroma and flavor of the flower makes the jump from the plant to the infused product. The end result is an extract that has the personality and profile of the plant it was extracted from.

The benefits of live resin 

For flower lovers and producers, live resin offers up tremendous possibilities. This innovation has enabled us, for example, to infuse beverages with live resin that come from one single strain and that offer up the effects you’d expect when smoking high quality flower. Want a sativa-dominant spritz? You got it. A cannabis cocktail that’s made for social moments and creativity? No problem. Refined extracts that don’t contain terpenes simply can’t offer up the same level of nuance.

If you’ve got a favorite strain, keep on the lookout for our live resin beverages, now available in California. We’re certain you’ll love them just as much as we do.