Enjoying Artet

Whether you are looking for something light to ease into the evening or something stronger to help you unwind, Artet's dosing allows you to find the perfect pour and strength for the occasion.

smooth, botanical, only 2.5mg

light, elegantly sessionable, only 5mg

Our Story

Artet is bound by family. Two brothers, one cousin, and a shared appreciation for the convergence of cannabis and cocktail culture.

Our Commitment

Artet is humbled to be a part of a new era of legal cannabis consumption, and yet, we recognize the privileged position we occupy in doing so.

We acknowledge the many persons in the United States who have been subjected to wrongful convictions or unfair sentencing due to non-violent crimes relating to cannabis.

In light of this history of prejudice, the Artet Team is committed to listening to members of the communities most affected by cannabis policing, supporting initiatives to correct these injustices, and using our business and corporate culture as a force to create a more equitable industry.

To help us start the conversation, please share your thoughts, opinions, and advice with [email protected].

We promise to listen, learn, and act.

We've told you too much already. Learn more at @Drinkartet